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Public Workshops

Summary of Arizona Workshops: Moving Down the Road
to Cleaner Air

Arizona was recently introduced to the Collaborative at two diesel
emissions reductions workshops held in Tucson on June 29, 2005 and
Phoenix on June 30, 2005. The “Moving Down the Road to Cleaner
Air” workshop goals are to raise awareness of the health effects
of diesel emissions, highlight current technologies and strategies
to reduce diesel exhaust and diesel particular matter (PM) in our
cities, to showcase local and state projects and to highlight funding
opportunities. The workshops included several panels which provided
information on diesel engines, new rules and standards, idle reduction
strategies; pre- and post-combustion retrofit technologies, as well
as innovative projects that are being implemented at the local level.
Many of the Collaborative partners shared their knowledge with workshop
participants. Tom Badgett (IdleAire Technologies), Jeff Kim (Shurepower),
Kevin Brown (Lubrizol), Steve Hurd (Caterpillar), Dave Vargas and
Guy Remenap (Cummins Rocky Mountain) were among the many panelists
featured at the workshops.

Similarly, the workshop heard from several local fleet managers
describing their voluntary idle reduction efforts and engine retrofit
projects. Fleet managers shared their successes and the many challenges
they face in implementing diesel reduction strategies. The Tucson
workshop included an inspirational panel with two students from Mexico
working to bring biodiesel to the Nogales region, making use of waste
oil and grease that would otherwise be slated for landfill disposal.

Several new/expanded projects were identified in Tucson and Phoenix
including expanding the use of recycled oil for biodiesel production,
school bus idle reduction outreach and education, bringing in alternative
fuels for school districts, and creating a ‘green corridor’ along
major Arizona highways that support electrification of truck stops
and infrastructure for alternative fuels.

The Arizona workshops represent the first in a series of regional
informational/funding forums to be organized in Region 9 and Region

For more information, please contact Sue McDowell at 415-947-4188,

Workshop Materials



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